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Tofu, Quorn and chocolate – fledgling veggie week 2

January 28, 2011

By Debbie Watkins

West Dorset Manager

It’s week 2 of my veggie month in the name of raising money for our 50for50 challenge.  Just thought you would all like to know that I still haven’t slipped off the wagon, although came close to it last Friday.  Last week owing to the extra-curricular nature of my life and a few late evenings getting home, I decided to test the suggestions of a few people with regard to some unchartered waters in the veggie food department (especially the chiller cabinet). The results were definitely mixed . The week started off with an attempt in the tofu department. I don’t think Delia has anything to worry about as the result looked as though someone had been violently ill on a plate (and didn’t taste much better) I’m sure this is as much due to my skill (or lack of) as the substance itself, resulting in a flat refusal from sons, but completely polished off by husband (always suspected him of being a philistine in the food department and am now sure).

Still smiling - just

What can I say about quorn generally?  Imogen (Our vegetarian Director of Conservation) informs me it was originally developed for cattle feed.  Can quite understand how this might be but would not dream of giving it to own cows and feel that Waitrose would have something to say if we did. Have concluded that anything that purports to be meat but isn’t shouldn’t be given house room. Suffered all last week feeling under the weather which I have self diagnosed as vegetarian flu (or as my husband described it “a slight cold”) and completely due as a result of the immune system taking a nose dive from not eating meat (undoubtedly). The sweet tooth has manifested itself further which by Thursday resulted in me fruitlessly ransacking the kids’  bedrooms in search of left over Christmas confectionery (although succeeded in finding 2 cans of beer) and by Sunday baking myself into oblivion.

Apparently Quorn started life as cattle feed - they're welcome to it

 Friday found me at my lowest ebb and, in the biggest misjudgement of my time so far, purchased a Linda McCartney pie. Found myself questioning my reasoning for this as I would never buy a ready made meat pie so why a veggie one?  However, I tried it and discovered it to be  tedious, boring and a bit flaky (like some other McCartney products, in my view).  Am I getting grumpy?  On a positive note though mushroom burgers were delicious and the McSweens  veggie haggis went down a treat.(note Beatles ref:)

Rugby went off better this week as friend of son succeeded in breaking and cutting  finger in scrum thus providing all the blood needed for the moment allowing me to enjoy very nice nut roast by evening. This week I will be working my way through Leith’s vegetarian Bible which looks promising. Have certainly concluded that for veggies home cooking is absolutely essential.

It’s all going to be worth it, though, because I’m raising money so we can keep looking after Dorset’s wonderful wildlife for another 50 years, so PLEASE sponsor me – it will make me feel much better!   I’ll be back next week to tell you how I survive week 3.



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