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Cake rocks – fledgling veggie week 3

February 4, 2011

By Debbie Watkins

West Dorset Manager

Week 3 of my vegetarian experience to raise funds for our 50 for 50 challenge.

Generally it has been a good week this week with only  a few ups and downs. Last weekend started with a blast with a trip to Bath on the train with some chums from work. In true form this involved vast quantities of food in picnic form mainly catered for by my colleagues Sarah and Rachel ( (both of whom could give the WI a run for their money).  All were veggie contributions and topped off with a Victoria sponge and bottle of bubbly. Veggie food definitely better in company of good friends. (plus three glasses of bubbly!!!!)I have heard it said that Jane Austen never travelled anywhere without her diary so that she had something sensational to read on her journey. Personally I think you should never go anywhere without a sponge so there is something sensational to eat on a journey.

Lunchtime at Brooklands Farm (me in white)

Food theme continued on into Monday with cake for Sarah’s birthday leading to kitchen table positively groaning with all sorts. Caught Simon (our Chief Exec) trying to  hide the rocky road in a tin so that presumably he could scoff it later.  Have decided that vegetarianism is bad for my health and that calorie intake has rocketed in last few weeks.  Sweet tooth continues to persist with the addition of biscuits. Had allowed myself one biscuit after dinner just to take the edge off but have decided that a veggie diet also leads to forgetfulness in that I seem to have forgotten that I should only have one biscuit and not one packet.

Did have a bit of a low mid week  and found myself cruising past the butchers in Dorchester just to look at the meat.  Have firmly come to the conclusion that I LIKE MEAT.  Have noticed I have started to selectively hear words associated with meat from people’s conversations whilst walking down the high street and have already started to plan future menus involving meat.    This all worries me slightly as I vacillate from worrying about eating too much  or that I might have gone off it altogether when the time comes.  Life is never simple.

Leith’s vegetarian Bible has proved to be a god-send with some interesting dishes materialising from it. Although husband has shown propensity to grate cheese on everything. Not sure this is right and resulted in perfectly good mushroom stroganoff being covered in cheddar to the extent a second plate was needed to catch the run-off.  This was exacerbated by sons adding pork chops to theirs with the excuse that they are in the middle of exams and need all the help they can get. Not sure they have quite got into the spirit.

Anyway, rugby was an easier affair this week, an away match in Bournemouth and youngest son’s sixteenth birthday meant a trip to Wagamama on Sunday as treat. (veggie options easy here, even tofu looked presentable) What with this and party  the night before, youngest son was fast asleep in car on the way home (bless his little cotton socks) only to wake up and demand supper at 7pm  and promptly scoffed  veggie lasagne without complaint.

The nut roast at lunchtime went down quite well actually

Thanks to everybody who has sponsored me.  Nearly there! But don’t think I can face another pumpkin seed.


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