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Do I still like meat? Fledgling veggie – the final chapter

February 11, 2011

By Debbie Watkins

West Dorset Manager – a month without meat to raise money for our 50for50 challenge for wildlife.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me on my endeavour to be meat free for 30 days. The whole has experience has been interesting to say the least for me anyway but probably not for those colleagues who have had to put up with me for the past month . Would like to think that if I have been crabby it is due to the lack of meat but suspect people will spot no difference whatsoever. Anyway back on the meat with a big push, well for the spouse anyway as we headed for the local curry house partly as a sop to his  supporting me in this and partly because somehow he has to put on the half a stone in weight he couldn’t afford to lose in the first place(even though by the last week veg dishes supplemented by far too many fried eggs and grated cheese on what seemed to be everything- not sure whether I dare check cholesterol level but have increased life insurance as a fall back). Spent the folllowing day unable to face meat at all so resorted to what are now old veggie favourites!

At the West Dorset office, fuelled by cake and it's not even home-made!

My next task is to wean myself off the copius amount of cake and biscuits I managed to scoff during the course of the month which is very difficult indeed especially as I have got into the habit of a Sunday afternoon baking fury, a habit which is hard to break much to the delight of husband and sons. Having come to the firm conclusion that I still love meat it is time to make sure that eating the stuff is done in much more moderation and could easily cut the weekly intake by about 50%. (am not really renowned for moderation in anything) Have not told the family yet that this is to happen but as I  am completely in charge of household grocery procurement and budget, feel the ball is in my court.

Cutting  the  meat ration  either by not having meat available at all for the odd day or two  or by reducing the amount available in any one meal  has thrown up some strange behaviour from family manifesting itself as anything from complete bafflement to comments that mother appears to have gone completely off her chump. Have also noticed tendency for eldest son to open and close fridge on frequent basis hoping something will cook itself and upon suggestion that he might like to cook something with veg, was met with complete look of horror suggesting I had made completely outrageous point and was I gay?(the teenage vernacular)

As well as learning a good deal about food and why I would eat it, have also learnt a lot about the male tendencies towards food and subsequent behaviour(well in my house anyway).  Monday threw up an interesting concept when   presented with two small pieces of meat to share between the family. Interesting to note that problem solving skills not high in my household and rather than  try and figure out what to make with small amount of meat could see them bargaining for who was going to have to a)leave home or   b) be killed or eaten so ration could go round. (would never survive in a war) – Also have notice boys’  extreme interest in rabbit and pigeon in next door field as potential  supplement to diet.(obviously primeval hunter instincts aroused)but in the event when asked, decided that they couldn’t be bothered anyway thus resorting to veg tart (hunter gatherer instincts obviously superceded  by modern bone idleness)- basic conclusion to all of this is that if any sort of food prep is required other than the wop a slab of meat on a plate approach(the BBQ approach) then male portion of household would starve to death and have decided that I have a)failed miserably as a parent and wife  b)should leave them to it more often in a “chuck ’em in at the deep end” kind of way.

The upshot of the whole experience is we can manage quite satisfactorily on much less meat, much more veg and have much better idea of decisions needed for acquiring food, Although have to admit still draw the line at quorn in all its forms. Thank you to all  who gave me recipes and books, you will be pleased to know that virtually all have made it onto regular menu list . All your efforts have netted over £132 for our 50for50 appeal, which should knock up a few more metres of fencing.  And it’s not too late to help me nudge it up to the £150 mark.

Outside my office - protecting this is what motivated me to keep going

Am off now to book v nice restaurant for myself and left household in charge of two pork chops to aid their education. Will no doubt have to tidy up take-away wrapper when I get in.



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  1. Catherine permalink
    February 17, 2011 10:55 am

    Well done Debbie! Not only a great effort but very entertaining!

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