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Facing my worst nightmare – a field of cows

March 18, 2011

By Debbie Keen

Membership Administrator, who is taking on a huge 50for50 challenge this coming week to raise money for our 50th Anniversary to secure the future for Dorset’s willdife – enduring 50 minutes in a field of cows, her worst nightmare!  Debbie works in the membership office so you may well have had a letter from her or talked to her on the phone if you are a member of Dorset Wildlife Trust.  Debbie also looks after our dormouse adoption scheme.  We’ve persuaded her to tell you all about it for the blog, so here’s a taster of what is coming later this week…

For my 50 for 50 Challenge I have offered to sit in a field of cows for 50 minutes.  The money will raise funds for DWT for their 50th Year. I am terrified of cows and will not even go into a field if there are cows in it.

 It all started when I was young and I used to walk from Bridport to West Bay across the fields. On one occasion there were young cows in the field and I was not able to get through the gate which I thinks is the start of my phobia.

Would you be afraid of these beasts?

This has really caught on with my friends, family and colleagues at Dorset Wildlife Trust

Within the first week of getting sponsorship I had raised about £200 and now I am over £320 pledged.  If you want to help out, you can pray for me, think positive thoughts or, even better, donate to the cause and help us to keep on saving Dorset’s wildlife.

 Many of the staff know that I cannot even go in a field of cows as I am petrified so I think this is going to be quite a challenge.

Getting out on our reserves for a change (me in green) as I am normally in the membership office.


Debbie is undertaking her challenge for the 50 for 50 campaign on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 at Pigeon House Farm, Cokers Frome by kind permission of Mr & Mrs R Kirby. Her challenge will start at 12 noon. 

It will be a long 50 minutes!

 Find out how she got on next week.

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  1. March 25, 2011 1:28 pm

    I hear you did it Debbie without being chased by the cows. Well done! and fantastic amount you have raised for DWT. Jane

  2. March 27, 2011 7:05 pm

    Well done Debbie!

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