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Fish scales needed! By Julie Hatcher- Marine Awareness Officer

May 10, 2011

By Julie Hatcher

Do you enjoy visiting the park or exploring your local Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserve? On land we’re lucky to have these special places where wildlife can thrive, but in the sea no such place exists. All the Wildlife Trusts from around the UK are joining forces as one voice, calling for you to help change the way we manage and protect our sea. Whether you are lucky enough to live by the coast or inland, the sea affects our life, from the food we eat to the air we breath.   It is time for us to ensure it has a safe and healthy future through the development of well-established and managed Marine Protected Areas – the marine equivalent of  your local nature reserve on land.

What would a Marine Protected Area look like?

Last week, all five of DWT’s Living Seas team set off for Bristol to join with other marine staff from around the UK.  Our mission?  To plan how we could win support from our members for these  Marine Protected Areas and explain to them how absolutely vital it is that we act now to stop the decline of our seas before we reach the point of no return.  We have only until December 2012 to make this happen. Not long when you think that the future of our seas is in our hands.

You can help to safeguard the future of this amazing male cuckoo wrasse in Dorset

This year and next we will be asking YOU, our members, people at our events, staff and everyone we meet to Sign a Scale for our Petition Fish. These scales represent public support for safeguarding our seas and the amazing wildlife that we stand to lose. As the opening lines say “we need to join forces as one voice”. We’ve already lost so much and if we miss this opportunity to create Marine Protected Areas in our seas here in Dorset we stand to lose a whole lot more.

Please sign a scale for our Petition Fish campaign to create well chosen and well managed Marine Protected Areas in Dorset

So COME ON!! Stand up for marine wildlife and sign a scale, join us online and most importantly, shout out ‘Save our Living Seas!’

You can sign at scale at the Fine Foundation Marine Centre, Kimmeridge and at our events around the county this summer.

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