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2011 Studland Seahorse & Seagrass Project Underway!

July 26, 2011

By Tom Barnfield, Studland warden.

With our skills in kayaking approved (thanks Dan!) myself and Melinda are ready to kick off this year’s Studland awareness project.

The aims for this year are to raise awareness for the unique and magnificent ecosytem we have at Studland Bay, garner support for its designation as a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), and gain a better understanding of the use of the bay and the surrounding area by its visitors.

spiny seahorse in seagrass

To achieve these aims Melinda and I will be touring the marinas from Weymouth to Christchurch handing out fliers and useful information, as well as talking to boat owners and asking them to fill out a questionnaire where they can suggest ideas for future management of the site.

Using one of Dan’s trusty kayaks we will also be taking our questionnaires directly to boats in Studland Bay and promoting the importance of adhering to the Voluntary No Anchor Zone (VNAZ).

Our official kayak day is Sunday but in adverse weather conditions we will move to the National Trust Discovery Centre at Knoll beach. Here we can set up some free activities for the kids, give some Studland seagrass presentations and play some great video footage of seahorses filmed in Studland Bay itself. So if you find yourself stuck for something to do on a rainy Sunday, pop in to the Discovery Centre and say hello!

With our first sunday rained off, we are crossing our fingers for a nice weekend to jump on the kayak and get some of our questionnaires filled. Please cross your fingers too!

We will be updating this blog every couple of weeks with updates on the project so check back soon to see what we’ve been up to!



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