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Rain, Wind and Shine

August 23, 2011

By Tom Barnfield, Studland Warden

Its been a mixed couple of weeks here on the Studland project. We’ve had some sunny kayak days, some windy Discovery Centre days, some office days and a few days spent visiting marinas.

With howling winds last Sunday it was deemed a bit dangerous for us and our little kayak so we set up in the Discovery Centre at Knoll Beach. We had a great day, with lots of visitors coming and going and the kids having a great time making fridge magnets and watching our video footage of the seahorses in Studland Bay.

Preparing to take to the water

With fairer weather this week we spent the day in Studland Bay and with the help of our volunteers had the beach and the bay covered, with visitors arriving from both land and sea learning about the fantastic ecosystem found just offshore.

With many successful kayaking and marina days over the summer we have visited hundreds of boats and unfortunately our memory for faces and boat names isn’t quite up to the job! We have been starting to approach the same people twice (or in some cases three times!). Thankfully it is all taken in good humour, with a friendly “You’ve already done us!” sending us on our way.

On the Monday morning I was greeted by Melinda who, with a broken car door was practicing her Daisy Duke impressions, jumping in and out of her little Mazda. Daisy and I spent the day touring the marinas and boat yards of Christchurch but unfortunately had few people to chat with. We did however leave our questionnaires and fliers at the various offices for boat owners to fill out in their own time.

Today I’m at the office filling in questionnaire data and preparing for tomorrow’s Sandbanks Fun Day. We will be on the beach from 11 – 3 with a stand incorporating both the Studland Seagrass Project and The Wildlife Trusts’ Petition Fish and Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) Campaigns. There will be fun activities for kids, petitions to sign and a chance to learn more about these important marine issues.

At the moment the forecast is looking sunny (ish) so come join us at Sandbanks Beach!


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