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A Three Day Venture

August 23, 2012

By Abigail Spear, Volunteer

                                                                                      Me at Brooklands
In March 2012, I did a week’s work experience which was split between The Kingcombe Centre and Brooklands Farm, I decided I really enjoyed that week, so I’ve come back for another three days to Brooklands – and this time I have company: Mum!That’s right. Mum enjoys being outside in the fresh air, and listening to the birds singing their hearts out. Mum helped clear around the wildlife pond in the yard of Brooklands Farm, it looks a lot better and will hopefully encourage more wildlife to come and live there. There are several frogs living there at the moment as they were croaking away – probably pleased to have someone tidy their home!

Mum tidying the wildlife pond at Brooklands
Like last time, I’ve done a few news releases – three in total! It would be great to see them printed in a newspaper like last time! I have also completed an article on my time here which will hopefully be on the website. At lunch, I spent my time getting to know the reserve more, and was amazed to see just how much wildlife actually thrives here, butterflies and busy bees are never out of sight – except when you’re trying to get a picture of them!

Meadow at Brooklands Farm

This time round, I’ve been able to use my ‘expert’ skills with the social networking site Facebook, and have published a few posts to members asking questions etc. It also gave me an insight into the benefit that social networking sites have on wildlife enthusiasts, many people share their findings and ask questions which other ‘followers’ are able to answer. It’s another good way of being aware of local wildlife and a place where you can talk to people who are just as into wildlife as you are.

Me with Simon Cripps, reporter Adrian Campbell and cameraman Nick 

On the last day I met a Reporter and his Cameraman from BBC Spotlight, who were interviewing Chief Executive Simon Cripps at Kingcombe, it was great to see the interview as it gave me a chance to see one live and how it all unfolds off screen.

Blackberries – An early Autumn
Like any other part of England, at Brooklands Farm Autumn definitely is on its way, with leaves changing colour already and even some blackberries starting to fruit. No doubt the weather is a huge factor, but at Brooklands come rain or shine wildlife is always a presence. So come and visit and see what wildlife you can spot!
Brooklands Farm Conservation Centre
Also,visit our Facebook page, and Twitter to find out what’s happening, and any upcoming events.
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