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Studland Seagrass and Seahorse Project

August 31, 2013

Week 3

After the day on the kayaks, Lynn was entrusted with the role of inputting the data into an excel spreadsheet, the core resource we would eventually use to write our report. Meanwhile I worked on the website material, writing up about eco-moorings (a potential management option in south beach). This would also come in useful when I’m out on the kayak of course; it helps to know what you’re talking about. Lynn then used her ‘extensive knowledge’ on marine life to write up an ‘enthralling’ piece which would eventually become an integral part of the website.

Following our ‘website day’ at Kimmeridge, we headed out to various marinas and boat clubs from Christchurch to Poole. Our role here was similar to that on the kayak, to engage with the general public, spreading awareness of Studland bay. Not forgetting those questionnaires of course. Again, people were very friendly and generally understanding. A stark contrast to what the media tends to portray and fuel, after all, conflict sells stories. We were getting good, cooperative feedback, something we could hopefully use to Studland bays’ advantage.

A somewhat slow start to our second Sunday out on the kayaks was short-lived. The Saturdays’ woeful weather meant few boats were anchoring/mooring on the Sunday morning so we prepared for a day in the tent. We erected the tent (complete with all the information you could ever want) while we waited for the numbers to swell. By the time we were kayaking around the bay, the boaters were filtering in. As it turned out, the tent wasn’t required as we had more than enough boats to contend with. After we managed 31 for the day, we headed back to take the unused tent down. Many would call it a waste of time, however, I suppose it gave us practice setting up the tent, it certainly provided us with an additional fitness-fix after endless lugging and running between the car and beach. 

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