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September 9, 2013

Week 6 and Darren is still threatening to capsize us. I keep reminding him that all our hard work and data would go down with me which at the moment deters him. Not sure about our last day though! We are still getting positive responses from boaters who are happy to chat and complete the questionnaire. Some of them have rather eccentric and unusual suggestions for future management. One being to build a glass dome over the seahorses, and the other to drag chains through the grass as they do in agriculture, all very helpful suggestions I’m sure you will agree! On the other hand many agree that something needs to be done so that boaters and wildlife can both enjoy and live together.

This weekend was the Bournemouth air show, we were told by trusted authority that the planes flew over Studland and after much anticipation; this was not actually the case, much to my dismay and continual griping. Poor, poor Darren!

After a good day and hard work, with the odd ‘coffee n biscuits on the kayak’ break, salty and sunburnt Darren and I thought we would do a ‘paddle sprint’ to the finish. We could have given one of the Sunseeker’s  a run for its money I tell you.

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