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Studland Seagrass Project

September 9, 2013

Week 8 I have to admit, I love this job but I was suffering today. After arriving to photograph all of 13 boats and the weather threatening to soak us at any given moment, we donned the wetsuits, buoyancy aids and paddles for a predictably unproductive day. Once out there the low number of boats had fallen to a pitiful 8, of which 6 were not in! After pondering what to do next , we decided to get the tent out, again. This time though, after the prospect of lugging all the equipment from Old blue (Darren’s close to classic car), to the beach, we decided to visit the very helpful folks of the National Trust to ask for a key to the gate. Little did we know that magic key which would have saved us much sweating in the previous couple of weeks, had been in our possession the entire time. Grrrrrrr, I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies, no sweating today. After a couple of hours on a very quiet beach and with no further boats arriving we decided to abandon the tent idea. Having watched various storms move around in the distance over Poole and Bournemouth we understood why everyone was so allusive. Our next plan of action was to go back to some marinas in the hope people would be working or just chilling on their boats. On arrival we managed to speak to a few people, then, the heavens opened, literally. Soaked and a little dismayed we gave up and squelched back to Old Blue with heavy hearts. Nay mind, after all the really good weeks the odds were that we would have a bad one, but we kept laughing which is the main thing. Bring on our last week and pray for sun!!!!

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