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Wildlife Skill’s Photos of the Week: The end of Summer!

September 7, 2015

We trainees have all been very busy recently, getting stuck in to the world of Dorset Wildlife Trust! Here are some photos from what we got up to at the end of August


A fantastic Natterer's bat!

A fantastic Natterer’s bat! – © Amy Brocklehurst

Mine has to be this cute little Natterer’s bat we had on Brownsea! It was a very bat-focused week, checking boxes on our Brownsea and Powerstock reserves and assisting on a harp trapping evening on another reserve until gone 2am. In total we had 150 bats over 2 days, comprising soprano pipistrelles, Natterer’s, brown long-eared, Bechstein’s and whiskered! The bats were trapped, handled and photographed under license.



17-WinfrithBridge (5)

Christina putting her newly honed skills to good use! – © Christina Bowdler

Here I am on the first of three days I spent in waders in a river these last few weeks. The first two days were constructing a handrail on an existing bridge putting my sawing and drilling skills into practice. The third day was spent with the Wild Trout Trust installing woody habitat areas for spawning and nursery sites for sea trout as well as constructing stepped pools to allow the trout to access the upper stream.

An incredible wasp spider! - © Christina Bowdler

An incredible wasp spider!

Whilst out on the reserves I’ve seen loads of new species and one of my favourites was the wasp spider. Its distinctive markings from which its name is derived make them look quite ferocious!



Jellyfish and a basking shark lined the streets for Weymouth carnival! - © Mark James

Our Weymouth Carnival basking shark and jellyfish won two bronze medals! – © Marc Smith

We’ve had a busy few weeks here in Weymouth and Portland with lots of summer events. At the Chesil Beach Centre we found 66 ray and catshark eggcases on our Great Chesil Eggcase Hunt! I’ve also been helping with the Caterpillar Kids sessions at Lorton Meadows where we head out into the meadows in search of the fantastic wildlife that can be found and take part in lots of crafty activities. However the highlight of last week has to be carrying/wearing a 5m long willow Basking Shark through Weymouth Carnival in the rain… not something you do every day!



The results of a hard day's work on the River Crane - © Jack Bedford

The results of a hard day’s work on the River Crane – © Jack Bedford

My Friday was spent with the Wild Trout Trust, carrying on the great work Christina had started earlier in the week. With waders on and a chat about the project from Mike Blackmore (from WTT), we set off to build berms and flow deflectors in the river to improve the value of the habitat for sea trout.  Work also included removing fine sediment from areas of the river bed to create better egg laying habitat. Here’s a shot up the river at the end of a hard day’s work! It may not look like much has been done (it’s the woody bits at the sides of the stream, and some mostly submerged logs!), but hopefully we’ve made the River Crane a much more trout-friendly place!

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